Matt Dressel

Portfolio Manager & Advisor

Part 2B of Form ADV

Member of the Headwater Investment Team since July 2021.

Matt graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History from Oregon State University. After 13 years of progressively advancing through management roles at Starbucks, he transitioned to the field of college admissions. Over the next decade, Matt dedicated himself to working with prospective students and their families, refining his listening skills and providing personalized attention to ease the minds of individuals undergoing significant life transitions.

Joining the Headwater Investments team aligns seamlessly with Matt's skill set. As an Advisor, he assists with client administrative account updates and gives excellent advice. He also acts as our Portfolio Manager, monitoring client accounts and executing trades.

Outside of the professional realm, Matt is fulfilling a longtime dream by returning to McMinnville High School to coach the distance runners for the Track and Field team. Alongside his wife Mary and their five children, known as The Dressel 7, he cherishes spending time in their ever-evolving backyard. Matt is perpetually on the lookout for new audiobooks to engage his mind during home projects.

In addition to his commitment to family and personal interests, Matt has dedicated the past few years to traveling to Honduras with a friend to build houses for those in need. He considers this experience truly transformative.